I want to start of by letting you know that I am not a trained chef, or cook at all. I’ve never worked in a professional kitchen I just want to cook healthy food fast. There are many ways that chefs are trained and some of them are even chopping, dicing, mincing, and shredding. They are important skills to have because it’s the only way your food will cook evenly and at the same time. In order for me to dice evenly it would take a lot of time and skill to do so which is why I love my…



The chopper comes with two different sized chopping blades and it makes chopping my veggies so super easy and fast!

The next must have tool is a shredder


This tool makes it very easy to make “noodles” out of zucchini, squash, or any veggie that you would like to shred into noodle like strips.

The other must have tool is a mincer


This tool allows you to finely mince garlic into a nice paste without getting your hands to smell like garlic, and literally takes only 3 seconds to do so.

The cost of these tools are very affordable. They range in price from $4.00 to $17.00 and can be bought at most grocery stores.

*Now PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I do practice my chopping skills almost daily. I make a lot of cooking stocks and since it doesn’t matter the size or evenness of the chop I take that opportunity to practice. You should always try to better yourself daily in all that you do. So until I master the skill of dicing, I’m sticking with these tools.

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