Lettuce cups with Shiitake and Peanuts


Oh you tasty little bites I love you! There is so much flavor in this dish without having to use many ingredients.  I just love when you can make something taste spectacular with less ingredients. The key to simple cooking is to celebrate each individual ingredient and coach their wonderful, natural flavor out of them and marry them with the other simple ingredients.

The song “Like I’m Going To Lose You” by Meghan Trainor is playing and it’s the sweetest song. If you’re ever out to dinner and this song plays, take notice. Couples will sit closer to one another, or give a sweet kiss to their partners forehead. If they are lucky enough to be eating these lettuce cups at the same time, I can guarantee a beautiful evening 🙂

What You Will Need:

1 Pkg Ground White Turkey Breast (99% fat-free) (If you are vegetarian, use tofu.)

1 Pound Shiitake Mushrooms, chopped

1 Large Carrot, shredded

1 Bunch Green Onions, sliced

2 Cloves of Garlic, minced

1 Jar Bamboo Shoots, drained, rinsed, and chopped

1/3 C Peanuts, crushed

1/4 C Chili Garlic Sauce (If you want it spicier, add more but add it slowly. Remember you can always add but you can’t take away.)

2 Tbsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce

I head of Lettuce, cored and peeled (You can also use cabbage if you prefer.)


Prep your Mis en Place. Don’t forget to turn on some good music! 🙂


On your stove, heat up a large pan to medium high heat and cook the ground turkey with the minced garlic.

Crumble the turkey as it cooks.

After the turkey has finished cooking, add the chili paste, chopped mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.


Mix well and lower the heat.

In a snack Bag crush your peanuts then add to the turkey along with the soy sauce. IMG_5195

Add in the green onions and mix well. I like to cover the pan with a lid for about 2 minutes to allow the ingredients to marry well together.

Place the open lettuce cups on your plate, add the mixture and top with shredded carrots YUM!


Makes 4 Servings:

133.8 cals, 1 G fat, 3.1 G carb, 28 G pro, .5 G fiber, .1 G sugar

Look at the protein and fiber content! Amazing!

*Extras: If you are vegetarian and do not like to use tofu, use more mushrooms. I like the shiitake ones because of their meaty texture. If your lucky and you can get ahold of fresh Morels USE THOSE! Oh goodness Morels are my favorite!

CHEERS! To Another Waistline Friendly Meal.




Turkey Burgers with Cumin spiced Shiitake Mushrooms and Pickled Radishes


What You Will Need:

1 Pkg ground White Turkey Breast (You can Use Tofu if you are vegetarian)

4 Radishes, sliced thin

1 Large Carrot, sliced thin

1 English Cucumber, sliced thin

1 pound Shiitake Mushrooms, sliced

1/4 C Fresh Cilantro, chopped

1 C White Wine Vinegar

1 tsp Sugar

2 tsp Sesame Oil

1 1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp Cumin powder

4-6 Whole Wheat Buns


Black Pepper


Set up your Mis en Place

I hope you guys have as much fun doing this part as I do!


For the pickled vegetables:

In a pot on the stove, bring 1 cup white wine vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, and 1 cup of hot water to a boil.


In a glass bowl, combine the radish, cucumbers, and carrots. Pour the vinegar mixture over the vegetables.


Refrigerate for 1 hour.

For the turkey burgers, pre heat the oven to 400. In a bowl add the ground turkey, green onions, salt, and pepper. Mix well.


On a piece of parchment paper form patties out of the turkey meat, then cook in the oven for 20 minutes.


While the patties are cooking, combine sesame oil, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, cumin, and shiitake mushrooms. Cook until the mushrooms begin to crisp up.


Remove the cooked turkey patties from the oven. They should be juicy and white in color.


Build your burgers!

Makes 4-6 Servings

254.1 g cal, 6.2 G fat, 23.7 G carb, 4.3 G fiber, 26.6 G pro, 4.8 G sugar

Extra: I sometimes like to add a little bit of horseradish to the buns or a nice fresh wasabi to add a little bit of a kick!