Eat From Eden is about going to a simpler way of eating. Our grocery stores are so full of “NON” food it’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic.”  If it can Fly in the sky, swim in the ocean, walk the fields, or grow from the ground that’s eating from Eat From Eden.

I would like to first start out by saying that I am NOT a Nutritionist, or a Doctor so please always seek the advice of your health practitioner before starting anything new.

My nutritional estimations are as close as I can get without having my own lab. I do keep a food journal and the calorie counts I share here are what I personally use to lose weight with, and maintained my weight with.

I know when I started my journey to better health I just needed ideas, and tips. I hope that you find some inspiration on Eat From Eden and run with them.

*On a more personal note, I love to critique food, write about food, test recipes, create recipes, share with others about good nutrition, and pushing my body to its limits and moving beyond them. I believe that everyday you should strive to be better than you were yesterday, doing things afraid, and love living life!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Nicole, you are a true blessing and inspiration to those who surround you. I am thrilled that you decided to create this blog. I have ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of your amazing cooking. Keep up the hard work and dedication. Thank you for sharing your love and passion!
    ❤ Monica


  2. Thank you for celebrating food, in it’s true form, ha! I am looking for some healthy vegetable choices for the up coming holiday. I will have to look around your blog for tapas or appetizers to share with my guests.


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