Mediterranean Shrimp with Fennel


As I sit here listening to Trouble Me by 10,000 Maniacs I need to raise my glass of La Croix sparkling coconut water to this dish! It’s another easy, healthy, delicious meal with minimal ingredients.

I am so pleased🙂

I still get amazed at how easy it really is to eat healthy, why do we try to complicate things that are simple? I do understand that education and inspiration are key and that is why I am thankful for some of the amazing blogs I follow (I will provide a list) there are some wonderful people out there that are doing research on the subject of good health and are putting it out there for us to learn from. The most important thing I learned is that you just need to try, try, try again. Success is made out of failures, and I can tell you this dish is not one of them 😉

So to help you make this meal, I will tell you,

What You Will Need:

2 Fennel Bulbs, sliced thin

1 15 ounce can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes (or you can go the extra Mile and roast them yourself)

1 1/2 Tbsp Dried Oregano

1 Lb of Peeled Raw Shrimp

4 Tbsp Capers

1/4 Cup Fat Free Feta, crumbled

Ground Black Pepper and Sea Salt to taste

Now  my favorite part, prep your Mis en Place


On the stove with a large pan set to medium heat, add in the sliced fennel and cook until they begin to soften. I do not use any oil to cook my veggies, I just cook them slow and allow them to sweat. You can use olive oil if you wish for them to cook faster plus, it is Mediterranean.


Next, add in the tomatoes.


And the oregano. Mix well and allow to simmer until the fennel is soft. I still like a little bite to my veggies so you may want to test along the way (which you should always do).


After you peel your shrimp, add it to the fennel and cook for about 4 minutes. Shrimp does not take long to cook so what you are looking for is a light pink color.


Once your shrimp is done cooking, plate then sprinkle with capers, feta, sea salt, and pepper.

I told you it was easy!!!

Makes 4 Servings:

138.3 cals, 1.8 G fat, 7.9 G carbs, 3.1 G fiber, 20.8 G pro, .1 G sugar

Extra: This dish works well with grilled chicken, or a pan seared Sea Bass.

Cheers to another Waistline Friendly Meal!




2 thoughts on “Mediterranean Shrimp with Fennel

  1. Please accept my apology for volunteering you to FEED THE WORLD! You provide fun, quality and elegance to dining. As a left sided brain heavy doctor,(more analytical than creative) your nutrition breakdown puts a smile on my face. You even extend the components to the tenths percent. As long as you continue to enjoy food, you will enjoy writing your blogs. We, the consumers, would like to thank you. Cheers!


    • Your enthusiasm is contagious! You always have a great “go seize the day” kind of attitude that is very refreshing. I ALWAYS look forward to your posts and comments so thank you very much. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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