Pan seared Chicken with Braised Leeks and Thyme


I’m baaack! 🙂 and even better I was able to come up with some delicious dishes with minimal ingredients! Let’s face it, its BEAUTIFUL outside and as much as I LOVE cooking, I want to play outside. Hmmmm, maybe I need to start cooking outdoors. Take My Breath Away by Berlin is playing and its making me daydream about someone I love. Look around you next time you hear this song play, I promise every lady in there will light up. I’m sipping on a glass of Champagne in total peace at this moment. I love how some of my favorite things in life go  so well together. Music, wine, food.. add in a cigar and good company and I wont need anything else in my life.

I hope this recipe pleases you so I will tell you

What You Will Need:

4 Large Leeks, cut length wise white and light green parts only

4 Chicken Breast

8 Cloves of Garlic, cut in half

8 Sprigs of Lemon Thyme (I love being able to pull ingredients from my garden)

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream

2 Cups Chicken Stock (homemade if you can)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Now that you have what you need, prep your Mis en Place 😉


Pre heat your oven to 425 degrees. In a glass baking dish, line up the leeks and tuck in the garlic, and thyme in between them.

Pour the chicken stock over them and place in the oven for 40 minutes.

You are braising can you believe it?


While the leeks have been braising for 30 minutes, heat up a large pan on the stove and add the chicken breast sprinkled with salt and pepper to sear them.


Like This.


It’s about 3 minutes on each side, they will not be fully cooked we are just trying to ensure that we seal in all the juices.

Once you are done, set the chicken aside until the leeks have braised for 40 minutes.

Turn the heat off the stove but don’t get rid of the pan or anything left in the pan like the brown crunchy stuff.

After the leeks braised for 40 minutes, take them out of the oven.


Add the chicken breast to the top of the leeks.


In the same pan you seared your chicken in, add in the heavy cream, salt and pepper,  stir on low heat for 2 minutes.


Pour your cream sauce (yes you made a cream sauce) to the top of the chicken.


Place the dish back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

You are done!

Makes 4 servings:

214 cal, 4.5 G fat, 14.5 G carb, 2 G fiber, 29.5 G pro, 4 G sugar.

It still amazes me every time how when you Eat From Eden you get so much food packed full of good nutrition at a lower calorie content. It’s unbelievable how much food you get to eat everyday when you Eat From Eden.

Cheers to another Waistline Friendly meal!!




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