Creating Eden


Sigh…….. I am sitting here looking at one of the prettiest sunsets and there is a slight chill in the air so I have a small fire going and the smell of the pinion wood is intoxicating! It reminds me of New Mexico oh and it reminds me that a glass of Cakebread will go well with this moment.


Ok perfect! Into the Ocean by Blue October is lightly playing in the background, it is so peaceful.


To make a long story short, this weekend I lost all of my food photos and recipes that I have been spending quite sometime on so, what that means is that I am going to need a few more days before there will be a new posting 😦


So until then, I will be at the local farmers markets getting some inspiration from the beautiful ingredients  like these lovely tomatoes.


Then I plan on just cooking, cooking, cooking! 🙂

so until then…


Miss you guys



2 thoughts on “Creating Eden

  1. Sorry for your loss of all your pictures. I’m sure that was many hours of work. Well, since I have learned living in the past does not help ignite the flame of future creativity, I’ll attempt to create a spark by letting you know your best work still lies ahead!! Keep smiling and moving forward. Attitude creates success.


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