Heirloom Tomato Salsa


This is hands down the best salsa ever!!! It is so easy to make and uses very little ingredients. Again, when you use quality ingredients they speak for themselves you just have to gently balance them out. I always try to keep fresh salsa in my fridge because it is such a low-calorie, nutritious way to add tons of flavor to almost anything.

David Bowie is singing China Girl to me as I sip on my Favorite Champagne, Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut and I can’t stop smiling, I’m so happy.

I suppose you want to know what you will need to make this incredible salsa so here you go 😉

What You Will Need:

3 Cups of fresh Heirloom Tomatoes (I recently was given some fresh ones from Florida so I will use them in the next batch) 🙂

2 Tsp Serrano Pepper, minced

1/4 Cup of fresh Lemon Juice

1 Tsp Salt

I promise it’s the best!

Prep your Mis en Place


Finley mince the Serrano pepper


Cut the tomatoes in half.

Add the salt, lemon juice, tomatoes, and Serrano peppers to the blender.


Blend until smooth.


Makes 3 cups:

10 cals, 0 G fat, 3 G carb, 1 G fiber, 0 G pro, 2 G sugar


If you like you could always add more fresh tomatoes that you dice up to make it a chunky salsa.

Cheers to Another Waistline Friendly Meal!



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