Baked Pears with Ginger Honey Ricotta


Ever have one of those days where you could eat a ton of sugar only to regret your choice after? I have days like that from time to time, we all do. I am always so delighted when I can figure out a healthy way to satisfy my sweet tooth that provides No Guilt afterwards! I hope you find that this dish treats your sweet tooth and waistline just as well.

What You Will Need:

2 Large Pears, peeled, cut in half, cored

1 Cup Low Fat Ricotta Cheese, divided into 4

1/4 Cup Walnuts, crushed divided into 4

2 Tbsp Honey, divided into 4 (Use a local honey to help with your allergies.)

1 Tsp Powdered Ginger

1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon


Prep your Mis en Place 🙂 This afternoon playing in the background is Goodbye Horses by Garvey. I just cant help but dance around whenever that song plays. I am sipping on a glass of Citrus Lavender tea while I wait to dive into one of these babies.


First thing is to pre heat your oven to 350.

Peel, then cut in half your pears, and with a melon baller scoop out the core.


On a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, line up your pears then bake for 20 minutes.


While the pears are baking, mix together in a glass bowl the ricotta, ginger, cinnamon, and honey.


Once the pears are done baking, top with 1/4 cup of the ricotta mixture, then sprinkle with walnuts and a small drizzle of honey if you wish.

Makes 4 Servings: 138 cals, 3.7 G fat, 24.1 G carb, 2.7 G fiber, 5.9 G pro, 18.5 G sugar

Extra: That is it! It is that easy to make this healthy dish! You can also use this as a great snack or breakfast dish.

Cheers to another waistline friendly dish!!!!!



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