EDEN In Manhattan


I am so excited to share just a small part of my trip to New York with you. I would love to show it all but, I don’t think there is enough time in the day to go through all of it. So I’m just going to show some of the highlights. It was so hard to choose which food photos I wanted to share, I had so many wonderful meals so I took the whole experience into my consideration.

I’m sipping on a black pikes place coffee while The Red Hot Chili Peppers sing Around the World to me 😉



Ok, to start here is a shot of me waiting for my connecting flight out of Dallas Love Field. I am texting my girlfriend hoping and praying that the guy sitting behind me coughing wont get me sick! I was so hunched over and after a few minutes I figured what the heck? And I just pulled my scarf up to my eyeballs.


If you ever go to NY you have got to go to the Empire State Building. There is so much to see in New York that it would take weeks to see it all. The view is amazing and could be overwhelming it reminds me of just how small I am.


Ok time to eat, drink, and be merry. One of my favorite drinks is a Basil Hayden Manhattan. What better place to have a Manhattan than in Manhattan? By the end of my trip I will have found the perfect Manhattan.

First stop is Raw: Just looking in the windows from the outside I knew this was going to be a great stop. Almost every customer was laughing and having a good time. The glow from the lighting looked so warm and inviting I’m going in!

The waiter was absolutely helpful in describing the menu and setting me up with my first Manhattan.



When it came time to order, I just asked the knowledgable waiter what he recommended, and happily ordered that. I was ordered a Bison grass-fed Burger, medium with an aged smokey cheddar cheese with a chipotle aioli. He did not let me down!


The next morning I hit Times Square. In every direction you looked up and down and side to side it looked just like this. Unbelievable! Sure enough the Naked Cowboy was out in the middle performing in his undies just like he does everyday of the year no matter the weather!


They had a Body Works Exhibit so I went. In every city that I am in, if they have a show I go because they are all different. It is amazing how they are able to creat these beautiful sculpture with bodies that have been kindly donated. To see the muscles connecting to tendon and bone was just a reminder to me why I choose to eat healthy and exercise. Do I indulge at times? absolutely! But I always make sure to make each bite count!


Speaking of making each bite count, I decided to indulge on a salted caramel cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake……. Sigh I took two bites, the first I wasn’t to sure on it and after the second small bite I spat it out. It was not worth it! In a city this big I wasnt going to blow my indulgence on something I really didn’t care for. I wanted to like you cupcake, I really did!


Ok, it’s late in the afternoon and I’m starving! I walked by Carmine’s and much like Raw the place was full of happy people who looked like they were really enjoying the food.


The first thing upon entrance I was greeted by a very friendly host who asked me how many was joining my Party “One please” he looked at me and smiled and recommended that I find 3-4 other people to join me because the food was family style, and that was no joke! I laughed and he asked if I would mind sitting at the bar where they offered smaller lunch options. “The bar? No problem.” lol.


As I sat down I was asked right away by the bartender if I wanted a glass of wine. I noticed they Had Decoy Cabernet so I had to say yes. I asked when the bottle was opened he looked at it and said “Late last night but don’t you worry I am going to open a new bottle for you.” BONUS! That is the kind of service that will keep me coming back!


What a sport the bartender was! The place was super busy but he still provided friendly chatter and laughter. Ok, I had my glass of wine now it was time to eat. Even the portion sizes on the bar menu were insane! I ordered again upon recommendation the meatball garlic sub and wow it was fantastic! It came with a side caeser salad, and I would like to say I cleaned my plate but, finally after eating half the salad and HALF of the HALF sub I told the coach to pull me out, I was done! lol


With a little room left in my tummy it was time to compare Manhattans…. Yum This one was in the lead and not because it was on the house (thank you bartender!) It was just really good!


After some meetings it was time for dinner. It was 9:00 pm and people were just now getting out and about to eat which is good after that lunch I ate.

Next stop was HANDS DOWN the BEST during my whole trip!! Madison Street French Bistro. Again, I really enjoy the out-of-the-way places that only the locals know about, and I can see why they keep this place a secret! If I wasn’t so excited about this place and wanting to share I wouldn’t tell anyone about it so I could keep it to myself, but then that would be selfish.


Again the glow from the inside was so inviting!


Once seated in the best spot in the house, I was greeted by a great smile and a friendly hello. “What can I make you to drink young lady?” Young lady lol sold!! ” His name was Omar and he told me that I was going to have the best Manhattan ever. “Perfect I will take ONE but stop me at Three! lol” just kidding I only had Four kidding! I had two. Both times the drink tasted the same and I enjoy consistency, nothing worse than going somewhere to experience the same flavor to only have it different.





I started of with Escargo. The BEST Ever!!!!! The butter, garlic and parsley was balanced so well I’m in LOVE!!


If the appetizer is this good I can’t wait for my entrée.. Sea Bass on a bed of mashed fingerlings infused with fresh peas. I want to cry looking at this picture, I want it, I will try to recreate it one day. OR…. I will just have to go back.

Last, but not least dessert! Grand Marnie souffle’! The billowy souffle’ looked like a cloud that descended from heaven, and after one bite I was so happy that I didn’t eat the cupcake this was WORTH the indulgence!!!


What can I say Cigars are my weakness. What better place to get fine cigars than Nat Sherman?? I will be calling them to ship to me. The staff was delightful and informative “Yes I will take a dozen home!” Thank goodness for my traveling humidor.


Thank you for letting me share a small part of my trip with you. The best part of my trip was hands down the people!!! Everyone I talked to, or passed on the street provided smiles, and great suggestions.

Until we meet again, New York I love You!!



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