Fennel with Orange soaked Blueberries


This salad is so refreshing, and is great on its own as a meal, or for a small starter. If you will be having multiple courses to eat, you can also take one bite in between each course as a pallet cleanser. Enjoy!

What You Will Need:

1 Large Fennel Bulb, sliced thin

1/2 C Dried Blueberries

2 Oranges, peeled and segmented

Juice from the left over orange

1 Tbsp Olive oil

3 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

Salt and Pepper to taste


Set up and prep your Mis en Place 🙂


Peel and segment the 2 oranges into a glass bowl.

Squeeze what juice is left from the orange into a separate bowl with the dried blueberries.

Thank You Very Much my Florida friend for the lovely Oranges!!!


Slice the fennel bulb thin and add to the bowl with the oranges.

Add The olive oil, red wine vinegar, orange soaked blueberries, and salt and pepper to taste.


Mix well and let the ingredients combine for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

Serves 4: 103.5 cals, 3.6 G fat, 17.3 G carbs, 4.1 G fiber, .9 G pro, 8.2 G sugar.

Cheers to another healthy dish!



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