Eden On The Road


I missed you all so much!! I was out-of-town for a week, and I want to share some of my experiences with you.

It all started in Memphis, TN.  


The hotel was amazing, but the people I met there were even better.


These precious ducks live at the top of the hotel and are paraded out of the fountain each night at 5. It was so cute!

Next was a stop in New Mexico, I don’t recall seeing a sky this blue anywhere.


The stop in AZ was breathtaking!


Then LA at night.


I love sail boats and was lucky to get a tour of one of the bigger ones.


My favorite thing to do is eat, and this had to be my favorite meal!


(I’m hungry now. :-))


At this location, they were filming the show ,Stalker, and I got to be an extra in it lol! I wasn’t going to do it at first when I was asked, but then I believe in always trying something new and different. I had a blast!


I also enjoyed riding my bike along the beach.


Loved jogging on the shore in the mornings. I was in total peace at this moment. I want to cry looking at it!


Finally after a long trip, heading home was nice.

I had such a wonderful experience and met a few new friends, I feel so inspired I cant wait to get cooking again.

I enjoyed every moment, but I enjoyed coming home and seeing my family the most!



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