Ricotta with Habanero and Mint


What You Will Need:

1 Habanero Chili, sliced thin seeds removed (wash your hands well right after you handle the Habanero chili. The oil from the chili can burn your skin.)

Ricotta cheese

4 Tbsp of Honey (Use a local honey. It will help with allergies.)

Fresh Mint, rough chop

French Baguette, sliced


Set up your Mis en Place. I don’t think I will ever get tired saying that.


Pre heat your oven to 350. On a cookie sheet, toast the sliced baguette for 8 minutes or until golden brown.

Drizzle the honey on the bread and spread it all over. Do this while the bread is warm, it helps the honey to spread that way you use less.


Next, top the baguette with Ricotta cheese. Usually about  1 Tbsp.


Add the thinly sliced Habanero chili.


Top with fresh mint.

A serving size is 4:

237 Cals, 4 G fat, 43 G carb, 1 G fiber, 11 G pro, 20 G sugar

Extra: If the Habanero chili is too spicy for you, use a Serrano pepper or jalapeno pepper instead. I like the spiciness from the Habanero chili, it goes so well with the sweetness of the honey and the freshness of the mint.


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