Pears with Gorgonzola and Honey on Ciabatta


What You Will Need:

Ciabatta Bread, sliced

2 Large Pears, sliced thin

1 Tbsp Honey (Use a local honey, it helps with allergies in your area.)

2 Ounces Gorgonzola Cheese, crumble it


You know what to do, Mis en Place!


Pre heat your oven to 385. Heat up your honey so it is nice and runny. This will help you to spread the honey all over the Ciabatta without having to use a lot.

On a cookie sheet lay out the sliced Ciabatta bread and brush with warm honey.

Lay down 2 thin slices of the pears and bake in the oven for 8 minutes.


Once the pears are nice and warm, sprinkle the top with the Gorgonzola cheese. The Gorgonzola has such a strong taste that you do not need to use a lot.


Place the bread back in the oven and bake for 3 more minutes or until the cheese softens up. Drizzle with the remaining honey.

Makes 4 servings:

233 cal, 5.7 G fat, 41.5 G carb, 3.8 G fiber, 7.3 G pro, 12.2 G sugar

Extras: The salt from the cheese goes so well with the sweetness from the pears, and honey. It’s a good combination of sweet and savory. If you do not like Gorgonzola cheese, use a Parmesan cheese instead.


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