Cauliflower Mashed Potato Style


What You Will Need:

1 Large head of cauliflower cored, and broken into florets.

3 Large cloves of garlic

salt and pepper to taste


Steam the cauliflower in a steamer with the garlic cloves for about 20-23 minutes. If you do not have a steamer you can boil the cauliflower with the garlic in a pot.

drain the cauliflower and garlic.

Put the cauliflower and garlic into a blender and blend until you reach a smooth texture.

Add salt and pepper to the blender and blend for 20 more seconds to get it mixed throughout.

*Makes 6 3/4 C servings

27.3 Cal 0.3 G fat 5.5 G carb 2 G fiber 2 G pro 1.9 G sugar


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